Some audio resources to help with revision

Connemara Community Radio Station has some excellent podcasts that will help you along with your revision. Be sure to listen with a pen and paper at the ready to write down all useful points of information. The series is designed with Leaving Cert students in mind – you are sure to find something that will […]

6A2 revision plan – Christmas 2012

The Christmas holidays are here and with the holidays comes a great opportunity for revision for your Leaving Certificate. I suggest that you do around 45 minutes of work each day on English. The following plan covers most aspects of the course; but anything you don’t get covered we will come back to in January. […]

6A1 Revision and Twitter

6A1 I hope your revision is going well. If you are on Twitter and tweeting about your English Revision then remember to use the hashtag #englishrevision It helps you realise that you’re not alone! Mrs. Meighan

6A1 Easter Revision

Here is a suggestion for some revision over the Easter holidays. I suggest that you do around 30-45 mins of English a day and I have given you a break on the three Sundays. Sat 31st March – Poet 1: choose the first poet that you are going to revise. Add to your notes on […]

6A1 Christmas Revision

The Christmas holidays provide an excellent opportunity for you to undertake some concrete revision for your Leaving Certificate exams. A small amount of work each day – around 45 minutes per day for English – will reap many rewards. I have tried to cover as much of the course as possible for you to revise, […]