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Revising ‘Macbeth’

One way for students to revise the play ‘Macbeth’ is to watch a production of it. At this stage of 6th year, we are unlikely to find the opportunity to see another theatrical performance but some students may be interested in the 2012 film version of the play. You could order it from or […]

Some quotes from ‘Sive’ Act 2 Scene 1

These are quotes that you should learn from Act 2 Scene 1 of ‘Sive’. ‘Things about Sive, and how he will warm her before she is much older. A lot of other things, too, but most of it not fit to mention again.’ Liam to Mena and Mike, telling them what Seán Dóta has been […]

Starting ‘Casablanca’

As we begin our study of Michael Curtiz’s ‘Casablanca’, here is a resource worth looking at. It will give us an idea of what to expect as we explore this text, and may help us to imagine how we will begin to compare it with ‘Sive’.  

Describing colours

The Merriam Webster dictionary has compiled a list of the top 10 most interesting words used to describe colour! Here is a link to the article with definitions of the words and the colours in question.

Important quotes from ‘Sive’ Act 1 Scene 3

The importance of learning quotes from a play can never be underestimated so here are some of the key quotes from Act 1 Scene 3 to help you along your way. ‘Ah, the back o’ my hand to you for an oul’ hag! There is no good in you – alluding and criticising always. Children […]

Another debate topic to consider

Here is another debate topic for 2A1 – all students are to carefully consider their position on the motion and then comment on the blog. You are free to choose either side of the debate, but remember that you cannot be on both sides. The motion is as follows: ‘This house believes that animals have […]

Link to SCC English ShowMes on ‘Macbeth’

For all 6th year students revising ‘Macbeth’ here is the link to the excellent St. Columba’s College English blog ShowMes. There are 20 key moments taken from the play and explained in a very straightforward manner. The blog as a whole is outstanding and these key moments will be an excellent resource to aid your […]

Shakespearean Insults

If anyone is still searching for a reason to love Shakespeare then search no more! You may love him for his captivating plot-lines, his universal themes, his bitter and twisted villains or his inspiring heroes. Or you may love him for his insults. This short video by TEDed takes examples from both ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Romeo […]