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6A2 revision plan – Christmas 2012

The Christmas holidays are here and with the holidays comes a great opportunity for revision for your Leaving Certificate. I suggest that you do around 45 minutes of work each day on English. The following plan covers most aspects of the course; but anything you don’t get covered we will come back to in January. […]

Interesting resource on ‘Macbeth’

The following website has some useful notes on the characters, themes and language of ‘Macbeth’. Well worth looking at over the Christmas holidays!

Exam style questions on Wordsworth

Wordsworth has not been examined in the Leaving Certificate since 1996 – at that time the syllabus and exam were different and so the format of the question does not apply to us. However, the following are the types of questions that could be asked in the exam about Wordsworth. ‘The poetry of William Wordsworth […]

‘Macbeth’ by Boil in the Bag

Senior students in the college were given a treat today – we welcomed Boil in the Bag productions to the College to perform scenes from ‘Macbeth’. The scenes were performed in a classical Shakespearean manner but were also given a modern twist. It is easy to see from their production why ‘Macbeth’ is a timeless […]