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Duncan and Hunain – Winners!

Well done to all the students from Franciscan College Gormanston who took part in Poetry Aloud at the National Library today. Each student delivered his two poems with skill and passion. The students did themselves proud. A very special congratulations goes to Duncan Walker and Hunain Saqib who have advanced to the second round of […]

Poetry Aloud competition

Tomorrow, 25th October, 11 students from Franciscan College, Gormanston will take part in the Poetry Aloud competition run by the National Library of Ireland. The students must recite one prescribed poem and a second poem of their own choice from one of the prescribed anthologies. In the Junior Category the prescribed poem is ‘An Irish […]

Romantic Literature

As we prepare to study the poetry of William Wordsworth, it is worthwhile taking a brief look at Romantic Literature in general. Here is a list of some of the poets and writers that you may be interested in researching. Some of them you will be familiar with already. William Blake (1757 – 1827) William […]

Fantasy Writing Competition

Students at Franciscan College Gormanston are currently composing essays for the John West Fantasy Writing Competition. The theme this year is ‘Under the Sea’ and students are free to explore any aspect of this theme that they wish. They are writing essays about mermaids, sea monsters, underwater aliens, pirates, the lost city of Atlantis and […]

Bloody imagery in ‘Macbeth’

There are many images of blood, murder, tortureĀ and physical pain in ‘Macbeth’. Here are some of them: Duncan to Malcolm ‘What bloody man in that? He can report, As seemeth by his plight, of the revolt The newest state.’ (Act I Scene 2) Captain to Duncan ‘For brave Macbeth – well he deserves that name […]

Noel Monahan’s visit to Franciscan College Gormanston

What a wonderful visit we had today from the poet Noel Monahan! Noel spoke with 1st and 2nd year students about his poetry and his life as a poet. He described his idea of ‘wordfarming’ and how he gets his inspiration to write his poetry. We were given theĀ treat of a reading of his poems […]

Visit from Noel Monahan

The English Department is eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s visit from poet Noel Monahan! He will speak with first and second year students about life as a poet, where he gets his inspiration from and how he approaches the craft of poetry writing. His collections of poetry include ‘Curse of the Birds’, ‘Curve of the Moon’ and […]

Some key quotes from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Act I

Here are just some of the quotations from Act I of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ that you should know off-by-heart. From Scene 1 Tybalt to Benvolio ‘What, drawn, and talk of peace? I hate the word As I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee. Have at thee, coward.’ Prince to crowd ‘Three civil brawls, bred of […]

Past exam questions on Hopkins

2004 ‘There are many reasons why the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins appeals to his readers.’ In response to the above statement, write an essay on poetry of Hopkins. Your essay should focus clearly on the reasons why the poetry is appealing and should refer to the poetry on your course. 2000 ‘Hopkins conveys deep […]

One College – One Book: ‘Frankenstein’

The book of the month for Franciscan College Gormanston is Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus’. This book is part science-fiction and part Gothic and was first published anonymously in 1818. The narrative is introduced by Captain Walton, an explorer who encounters the emaciated Victor Frankenstein. We become as curious as Walton to […]