The poetry of Adrienne Rich

In order to be able to anwer a comprehensive essay on the poetry of Adrienne Rich, be sure that you know each of the following aspects of her work. Make notes on each heading to supplement the work done in class. Themes – Power and powerlessness – Relationships, especially marriage, and their breakdown – Conflict […]

Exam-style questions on Rich

2010 ‘Adrienne Rich explores the twin themes of power and powerlessness in a variety of interesting ways.’ Write a response to the poetry of Adrienne Rich in the light of this statement, supporting your points with suitable reference to the poems on your course. 2008 ‘the desire to be heard, – that is the impulse […]

Adrienne Rich – some key quotes

When revising Adrienne Rich, here are some of the key quotes that you should know¬†from each poem: ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’ ‘prance across a screen’ ‘They do not fear’ ‘fingers fluttering through her wool’ ‘The massive weight of Uncle’s wedding band / Sits heavily’ ‘her terrified hands will lie / still ringed with ordeals she was […]

Adrienne Rich – 6A1

I would like each of you to post a comment here on the poetry by Adrienne Rich that we have studied in class. Your comment should give your evaluation of Rich’s poetry and should include accurate quotation. Feel free to mention any technique or image¬†used by Rich that you found effective. You may also tell […]