Some important quotes from ‘Sive’ Act 1 Scene 1

It is important to know some quotes to support any points you want to make about ‘Sive’ and so here is a list of some important ones from Act 1 Scene 1. ‘Am I to be scolded, night and day in my own house? Ah! ’twas a sore day to me my son took you […]

Past exam questions on Cultural Context

2011 ‘A reader can feel uncomfortable with the values and attitudes presented in texts.’ Compare the extent to which the values and attitudes that you encountered, in at least two texts on your comparative course, made you feel uncomfortable. [70] or ‘The roles and status allocated to males or females can be central to understanding […]

Films on the Leaving Certificate course

Students sitting the Leaving Cert in June 2013 have the option of studying one of the following films: ‘As You Like It’ (Kenneth Brannagh) ‘Children of Men’ (Alfonso Cuar├│n) ‘Casablanca’ (Michael Curtiz) ‘The Constant Gardener’ (Fernando Meirelles) ‘I’m Not Scared’ (Gabriele Salvatores) ’32A’ (Marian Quinn) Students sitting the Leaving Cert in June 2014 may choose […]

Cultural Context of ‘How Many Miles to Babylon?’ and ‘Sive’

Cultural Context (referred to as Social Setting at Ordinary Level) focuses on the society in which the story is set. We look for evidence of the beliefs and values held by the author and characters. The social, religious, political and economic structures of society are considered here. The different roles of men and women, the […]

Towards an understanding of the Cultural Context of ‘Sive’

Here are some questions to help you forge your own understanding of the Cultural Context of the play ‘Sive’ by John B. Keane. Write a comment on this post answering one of the questions and remember to use quotation to support every point you make. What is good about Sive’s life in the play? In […]

John B. Keane on Matchingmaking and ‘Sive’

Here is a short extract of a 1989 appearance of John B. Keane on ‘The Late Late Show’┬áreading an extract from ‘Sive’.   This next video features John B. Keane on ‘The Late Late Show’ from 1984 as well as some other footage.  

Past exam questions on Theme or Issue

2011 ‘A reader’s view of a theme or issue can be changed or reinforced through interaction with texts.’ Compare the extent to which your understanding of a theme or issue was changed or reinforced through your interation with at least two texts on your comparative course. [70] or ‘The study of a theme or issue […]

‘How Many Miles’ table of contents

‘How Many Miles to Babylon?’ is written in a stream of consciousness format. The novel is presented as a series of memories that Alec has in the hours before his execution. Jennifer Johnston has not structured these memories into chapters as that is not the way we remember events from our lives – it would […]

Some quotes from ‘How Many Miles to Babylon?’

Here are some quotes from ‘How Many Miles’ that will be useful for your revision. They paint a bleak picture of life in the trenches and so can be used very well when answering a question on General Vision and Viewpoint. The imagery can be used when answering a question on Literary Genre. They are […]

Past exam questions on General Vision and Viewpoint

2014 ‘The extent to which a reader can relate an aspect of a text to his or her experience of life, helps to shape an understanding of the general vision and viewpoint of that text.’ Discuss this view in relation to your study of one text on your comparative course. [30] With reference to the […]