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Poetry Aloud ’13

12 students from Gormanston College took part in the Poetry Aloud Competition in the National Library in Dublin today. Each student had to recite two poems – one prescribed and one of their own choosing. The prescribed poem for the Junior Category was ‘Lion King’ by Joe Woods, for the Intermediate Category was ‘Poisoned’ by […]

Past Exam Questions on ‘Macbeth’ – Update

2014 ‘Macbeth’s relationships with other characters can be seen primarily as power struggles which prove crucial to the outcome of the play.’ Discuss the above statement in relation to at least two of Macbeth’s relationships with other characters. Support your answer with suitable reference to the play, ‘Macbeth’. or ‘Throughout the play, ‘Macbeth’, Shakespeare makes […]

Essay Writing: Speeches

Good writing consists of three stages: Pre-writing Writing Post-writing and proofreading Pre-writing: Brainstorm, cluster, organise ideas, think about expression and vocab, produce an outline (paragraph by paragraph detailed plan) – know the ending before you begin. Writing: Write the essay (new/better ideas and forms of expression emerge as you write – incorporate them). Focus on […]

Two Approaches to Answering Poetry: Yeats 2010

When answering a Leaving Certificate Poetry question, the key is to answer the question. That might seem obvious but not every stays on task throughout the whole answer. The question must be responded to from the outset, so engagement with the task from the introduction, through the main body and right into the conclusion. Take […]

Some important quotes from Act III of ‘Othello’

Here are some quotes to learn for the quotes test that you will be sitting on Act III: Scene 1 ‘The general and his wife are talking of it, And she speaks for you stoutly. The Moor replies That he you hurt is of great fame in Cyprus And great affinity; and that in wholesome […]

Iago’s temptation of Othello

As we read through the lengthy ‘Temptation Scene’, it may be useful for you to have a visual image of how Iago poisons Othello’s love for Desdemona. In the 1995 version of the film, director Oliver Parker uses clever editing to suggest that this conversation has taken place over a longer period of time than […]