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‘Hamlet’ ShowMe by SCC English

Here is a link to the excellent ShowMe series on ‘Hamlet’ made by St. Columba’s College English. They are an excellent examination of some moments in the play and will contribute to your understanding of the play as a whole.

Cultural Context of ‘How Many Miles to Babylon?’ and ‘Sive’

Cultural Context (referred to as Social Setting at Ordinary Level) focuses on the society in which the story is set. We look for evidence of the beliefs and values held by the author and characters. The social, religious, political and economic structures of society are considered here. The different roles of men and women, the […]

1A1 Debate

1A1 – it’s time to get some ideas together for the next class debate. Here is the motion: ‘That science fiction movies and books are a complete waste of time.’ What are your ideas and opinions on the topic?

Speech Writing

If you are asked to write a speech you must be aware of the purpose of this piece of writing. For example: School assembly Eulogy Wedding Politics Sermon Military preparation A radio magazine programme To motivate people to do something Effective speeches generally have some of the following characteristics or elements: Repetition Rhetorical questions Emotive […]

Towards an understanding of the Cultural Context of ‘Sive’

Here are some questions to help you forge your own understanding of the Cultural Context of the play ‘Sive’ by John B. Keane. Write a comment on this post answering one of the questions and remember to use quotation to support every point you make. What is good about Sive’s life in the play? In […]

Friendship demonstrated by R&G in Act 4

Hamlet is direct and honest with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in Act 4 Scene 2. After the death of Polonius they question the Prince about the body, claiming they want to ensure a proper burial. Hamlet gives them nothing, knowing that Claudius has sent them. He calls them a sponge: ‘Ay, sir, that soaks up the […]

John B. Keane on Matchingmaking and ‘Sive’

Here is a short extract of a 1989 appearance of John B. Keane on ‘The Late Late Show’¬†reading an extract from ‘Sive’.   This next video features John B. Keane on ‘The Late Late Show’ from 1984 as well as some other footage.  

Wordplay Wednesday – pseudonyms

A pseudonym is a fictious name that a person assumes for a particular purpose. The¬†prefix ‘pseudo’ means false. A person’s true or original name is their orthonym. Pseudonyms can be used for any purpose such as to hide gender or race. Here are some examples of writers who have taken on a pseudonym (also referred […]