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The Power of Verbs

Summarising, rather than analysing, is one of the chief pitfalls of Leaving Certificate students. Overused signal verbs such as says and relates, fail to inject the kind of interpretive power that other, purposefully selected verbs can. Let verbs carry the tone of your message; leave out the amateurish adjectives and adverbs. Here are some alternative […]

General Vision and Viewpoint

Here are some questions to ask yourself while revising General Vision and Viewpoint. Make notes on each of our three texts as you are looking at each question.   Is the text optimistic or pessimistic? Is the text compassionate or dispassionate? Does the text support or condemn certain actions / values / characters? What is […]

Literary Genre

One of the Modes of Comparison for 2012 is Literary Genre. Be sure you have a clear understanding of what this mode entails. Here are some aspects of Literary Genre to bear in mind as you are revising.   Why choose one genre over another? Why did the author choose to publish in one particular […]

6A1 Christmas Revision

The Christmas holidays provide an excellent opportunity for you to undertake some concrete revision for your Leaving Certificate exams. A small amount of work each day – around 45 minutes per day for English – will reap many rewards. I have tried to cover as much of the course as possible for you to revise, […]

More poems by 1A1

Nero – a Limerick by Oran The Roman Emperor Nero Wished to be known as a hero But you don’t save a town By burning it down So Nero as hero got zero!   Football acrostic by Calum Football fanatic Over the fence and under the security guard On my way to the stand Team […]

Past exam questions on Sylvia Plath

2014 ‘Plath makes effective use of language to explore her personal experience of suffering and to provide occasional glimpses of the redemptive power of love.’ Discuss this statement, supporting your answer with reference to both the themes and language found in the poetry of Sylvia Plath on your course.   2013 ‘Plath’s provocative imagery serves […]

Past exam questions on ‘Macbeth’

2007 ‘The relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth undergoes significant change during the course of the play.’ Discuss this statement, supporting your answer by suitable reference to the text. or ‘Essentially the play ‘Macbeth’ is about power, its uses and abuses.’ Discuss this view of the play, supporting your answer with the aid of suitable […]

More original poetry by 1A1

As well as The Year in Rap, 1A1 have been busy writing limericks, acrostics, kennings, haikus and even magic spells! Here are just a few examples. More will follow in the next couple of nights. Acrostic by Sami Monday’s the worst, On Tuesday it’s not too bad, Ringing everyday, my alarm, Never enjoy getting up […]

The Year in Rap – by 1A1

1A1 have been working very hard over the last couple of weeks writing raps about global news events. This work is inspired by who write The Week in Rap each week and also write raps based on other areas of the curriculum. (5A2 really enjoyed the ‘Macbeth’ Rap!). The task given to 1A1 was […]