General Vision and Viewpoint – an Introduction

(Based on by E. O’Connor – ideas used with permission) There are three main aspects to consider when approaching the GVV of texts. Aspect 1 The writer’s/playwright’s/director’s view of the world and the human beings who live in it: if their stories always have a happy ending if the characters triumph over adversity if […]

Past exam questions on General Vision and Viewpoint

2014 ‘The extent to which a reader can relate an aspect of a text to his or her experience of life, helps to shape an understanding of the general vision and viewpoint of that text.’ Discuss this view in relation to your study of one text on your comparative course. [30] With reference to the […]

General Vision and Viewpoint

Here are some questions to ask yourself while revising General Vision and Viewpoint. Make notes on each of our three texts as you are looking at each question.   Is the text optimistic or pessimistic? Is the text compassionate or dispassionate? Does the text support or condemn certain actions / values / characters? What is […]