Apple Macintosh advertisement – 1984

The Superbowl is just as famous for its advertisements as its football. In 1984, Apple Macintosh aired this advertisement for its new computer. When the advertisement was shown, Apple was in conflict with IBM to win control over the Personal Computer market and they fought hard to gain the advantage.

Ridley Scott, director of ‘Alien’ (1979) and ‘Bladerunner’ (1982), had the artistic vision for this advertisement and it cost $1.6 million to produce.

Aesthetic Use of Language in advertising

The new advertisement for St. Patrick’s day is an excellent example of how information can be used to enhance the aesthetic use of language. There are many facts and figures which are paired with beautiful images and James Vincent McMorrow’s haunting rendition of ‘Higher Love’. This potent combination makes us proud to be Irish and certainly tugs at the heart strings.

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Poetry Slam with the Transition Years

TYs had one of the highlights of their year today when Stephen Murray from Inspireland came to the school for a Poetry Slam workshop.

Stephen had a natural way with the students and allowed them to tap into the creativity that they never knew they had. He gave them the confidence in themselves to write poetry about their own lives and experiences while pushing them to express themselves in a way that was both resourceful and innovative.

Follow this link to read some of their original poems:

Some reviews of ‘Sive’ at the Abbey Theatre

6th year students,

If you have not already brought in your money to go to ‘Sive’, then please remember to do so as soon as possible! It will be an experience that you will not soon forget.

To whet your appetite, here are some reviews of the production that we will be going to see:

The Irish Times

The Irish Independent

The Irish Examiner

It will be a purposeful exercise to read these reviews because you will be asked to write your own review of this play when we have seen it!