Essay Writing: Speeches

Good writing consists of three stages: Pre-writing Writing Post-writing and proofreading Pre-writing: Brainstorm, cluster, organise ideas, think about expression and vocab, produce an outline (paragraph by paragraph detailed plan) – know the ending before you begin. Writing: Write the essay (new/better ideas and forms of expression emerge as you write – incorporate them). Focus on […]

Persuasive Writing

Here is a nice little video on Persuasive Writing. It will be useful for when you are writing a persuasive text, or when you are asked to identify the techniques used in a piece of persuasive writing.

Bill Clinton’s speech to nominate Obama

Here is Bill Clinton’s speech, delivered at the DNC, to nominate Barrack Obama as Presidential Candidate in the 2012 election. As we would expect, Clinton is a master at rhetoric and holds his audience captive. This speech is well worth examination by any student interested in politics or speech writing in general.

Speech Writing

If you are asked to write a speech you must be aware of the purpose of this piece of writing. For example: School assembly Eulogy Wedding Politics Sermon Military preparation A radio magazine programme To motivate people to do something Effective speeches generally have some of the following characteristics or elements: Repetition Rhetorical questions Emotive […]