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Persuasive Writing

Here is a nice little video on Persuasive Writing. It will be useful for when you are writing a persuasive text, or when you are asked to identify the techniques used in a piece of persuasive writing.

Easter homework for 2A1 English!

Over the Easter holidays I want all 2A1 students to contribute to the following debate: ‘That sports stars are no longer heroes, merely fame and money hungry mortals.’ You are free to choose either side of the argument, however you must develop any point that you make. One sentence will not suffice. If any other […]

Some important quotes from ‘Sive’ Act 1 Scene 2

As we progress through the play, it is important to keep up to date with learning quotes. They are, of course, essential in an exam answer. Here are some quotes that are worthwhile learning from Act 1 Scene 2. ‘The heat don’t agree with him. He would sooner a cold corner out of the way.’ […]