6A1 end of term exam

6A1, The house exams for the end of the first term are starting on 22nd November and your English exam will be two hours long. The topics that you must revise are as follows: The Comparative Questions, Mode of Theme or Issue The poetry of Robert Frost The poetry of Patrick Kavanagh Question B Best of […]

5th year higher level end of term exam

5th years, You should be keeping on top of your revision this week. A quick reminder that the end of term exams start on 22nd November and that the exam for 5th year English will be two hours long. You must revise each of the following: ‘Macbeth’ – up to the point that we have read in […]

1A1 end of term exam

1st years, this exam will be one hour long. You must revise the following topics: Diary entry Informal letter Debate Nouns Adjectives Capital letters Apostrophes Literary terms e.g. alliteration, asonance, theme, character, simile, metaphor ‘Mid Term Break’ by Seamus Heaney Any novel that you have read Remember that exams start on 22nd November so it […]