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Poetry Aloud – Learning a Poem

Good luck to the students who have entered the Poetry Aloud 2013 Competition. The seniors are busy working on their set poem ‘Postscript’ by Seamus Heaney as well as their selected poem. In order to memorise a poem, the most traditional and fool-proof method is repetition – first line by line, then two lines together […]

‘Romeo and Juliet’ audiobook

For any student struggling to read ‘Romeo and Juliet’, here is the audiobook version. There are no images here (as there would be in a film version), but rather the text appears on screen as it is read by actors. Another option for students who like to listen to the text being read is to […]

Bill Clinton’s speech to nominate Obama

Here is Bill Clinton’s speech, delivered at the DNC, to nominate Barrack Obama as Presidential Candidate in the 2012 election. As we would expect, Clinton is a master at rhetoric and holds his audience captive. This speech is well worth examination by any student interested in politics or speech writing in general.

Sonnets, Shakespeare and Iambic Pentameter

While studying the poetry of Shakespeare, we are becoming familiar with the sonnet form. At the moment we are focussing on one of the most famous love poems of all time: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 often referred to by its first line, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” It is a beautiful poem written […]

Macbeth’s horrific deeds

6A2, You are currently preparing the following essay: Describe any two of Macbeth’s most horrific deeds in the course of the play. Here are some of the deeds that you may have chosen to write about: The murder of Duncan (Act 2 Scene 2) The murder of Banquo (Act 3 Scene 1) Macbeth’s seeking out […]

Link to notes on ‘The Constant Gardener’

Here is a link to some very useful notes on ‘The Constant Gardener’. They will be useful as you start to compare this film with ‘How Many Miles to Babylon?’ and ‘Sive’.

‘Romeo and Juliet’ – The Prologue

In your study of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, be sure that you can answer the following questions on The Prologue: Who speaks The Prologue? What is the purpose of The Prologue? What poetic form does it take? Explain the importance of lines 5 and 6. Why does Shakespeare tell us how the story is going to […]

More on ‘Macbeth’

Here are some links worth checking out if you are studying ‘Macbeth’: Bitsize covers the basics More basics from Sparknotes A clip about the character of Lady Macbeth  Some challenging stuff from the RSC More excellent work from the BBC

Gormanston College on Twitter

Franciscan College Gormanston has just created an official Twitter account. Mr. Lavin will tweet regularly about various events in the school. His tweets will cover all areas of college life such as reading events, sporting events, information on college trips and college clubs. Find Mr. Lavin with the following twitter handle: @gormocollege