5th Year Debates – 18th December 2017

5th year students were treated to two debates on Monday morning – Clann Eanna took on Clann Antoine and then Clann Froinsias took on Clann Padraig. The first debate was on the motion that ‘This house believes that security cameras are a violation of our civil liberties.’ Speaking for Eanna were Jake, John and Chloe. […]

Senior Debate

Last Friday the two 6th year English classes pitted their debating skills against each other. The students in 6th year are highly experienced and accomplished debaters and we all knew that it was to be a very close battle. The motion for the debate was taken from the 2016 Leaving Certificate Higher Level exam paper: […]

First year debate

A massive congratulations to class 1A3 which has emerged as the champions from last Friday’s 1st year debate. The three debates were hotly contested and many excellent speakers demonstrated their talent in trying to convince us of the merits of their given topic. The first debate: That city life is better than country life. 1A2 […]

Another debate topic to consider

Here is another debate topic for 2A1 – all students are to carefully consider their position on the motion and then comment on the blog. You are free to choose either side of the debate, but remember that you cannot be on both sides. The motion is as follows: ‘This house believes that animals have […]

Easter homework for 2A1 English!

Over the Easter holidays I want all 2A1 students to contribute to the following debate: ‘That sports stars are no longer heroes, merely fame and money hungry mortals.’ You are free to choose either side of the argument, however you must develop any point that you make. One sentence will not suffice. If any other […]

1A1 Debate

1A1 – it’s time to get some ideas together for the next class debate. Here is the motion: ‘That science fiction movies and books are a complete waste of time.’ What are your ideas and opinions on the topic?