Monthly Archives for January 2013

Junior students at ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in The Helix

3rd year students were taken to The Helix today to see the Second Age production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Second Age are an award winning company and we will be looking forward to reading the 3rd year reviews of the production here. 2nd years will be going this Tuesday and it is sure to be both an enjoyable and educational experience. Here is the […]

Notes written by Justus Baier on ‘The Prodigal’

Justus Baier from 5th year, one of our overseas students, has written an excellent set of notes on Elizabeth Bishop’s poem ‘The Prodigal’. He has kindly allowed them to be shared here on the blog.   Some more students from 5A3 have agreed to publish their notes here too and we look forward to reading […]

Some quotations for Friendship Week

Friendship week is well underway and so here are some famous quotations that may be of interest to our students:   ‘Kind words will unlock an iron door.’ Turkish Proverb   ‘They may forget what you say, but they will never forget how you made them feel.’ Carl W. Buechner   ‘How beautiful a day […]

Poem of interest during Friendship Week

Tomorrow sees the start of our first ever ‘Friendship Week’ in Franciscan College Gormanston. Here is a poem that is relevant this week, as well as every other week of the year. ‘Bruises Heal’ by Andrew Fusek Peters and Polly Peters Names, cold shoulders, Silence in the canteen; Her words are scapels. Cutting self-esteem. ‘Stuck […]