Poem for anti-bullying week

Here is a poem written by Mia Delaney in 1A1 for anti-bullying week last week. Mia read this poem aloud at school assembly.


Anti-Bullying Poem

I don’t know why it started,
It caught me by surprise,
Classmates making fun of me,
Spreading rumours and lies.

At first it was nothing,
Just a few sly remarks,
But then it got worse,
Their words vicious like sharks.

I bottled it up,
I let it consume me.
It made me feel small,
And I didn’t tell my family.

I felt like if I told,
It would make me look weak.
So I continued on,
My life becoming bleak.

My personality shifted,
My grades started to fall.
A numbing pain spreading inside me,
I felt no happiness at all.

But then one day,
I had enough.
Enough of their words,
Hurtful and rough.

I couldn’t deal with it,
I was taking a stand.
This icy pain had to stop,
That was my demand.

So I told my parents,
And instantly felt better.
To my principal
They wrote a letter.

Soon enough
The teasing ceased.
And from my shoulders,
Pressure was released.

I soon became happy,
And found interest again,
In hanging out
With my friends.

No one deserves to go through that,
No, not anyone at all.
So if a friend seems out of sorts
Please just give them a call.