Speech Writing

If you are asked to write a speech you must be aware of the purpose of this piece of writing. For example: School assembly Eulogy Wedding Politics Sermon Military preparation A radio magazine programme To motivate people to do something Effective speeches generally have some of the following characteristics or elements: Repetition Rhetorical questions Emotive […]


Syn = alike; Nym = name Synonyms are words that are almost the same in meaning. For example: little / small; big / large. Turn each of the words in the pairs below into synonyms by takings a single letter from one of the two words and placing it somewhere in the other one. You […]

The Power of Verbs

Summarising, rather than analysing, is one of the chief pitfalls of Leaving Certificate students. Overused signal verbs such as says and relates, fail to inject the kind of interpretive power that other, purposefully selected verbs can. Let verbs carry the tone of your message; leave out the amateurish adjectives and adverbs. Here are some alternative […]