Poem for anti-bullying week

Here is a poem written by Mia Delaney in 1A1 for anti-bullying week last week. Mia read this poem aloud at school assembly.   Anti-Bullying Poem I don’t know why it started, It caught me by surprise, Classmates making fun of me, Spreading rumours and lies. At first it was nothing, Just a few sly […]

Poems written by First Year Students

First year students have been very busy already this year, writing poems on topics that are of personal interest to them. One such poem was written by Ife Jawando on 28th September 2016 as part of Bullying Awareness Week in the school. Have a read of this thought-provoking piece of work:   I don’t know […]

Six word stories

Ernest Hemingway, the famous novelist, was given a challenge to write a story in just six words. The result was: ‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn.’ Some of our first year students have tried their hand at writing their own six word stories. Here are some of the results: Seven days of Easter made Ireland. […]

Poetry Slam with the Transition Years

TYs had one of the highlights of their year today when Stephen Murray from Inspireland came to the school for a Poetry Slam workshop. Stephen had a natural way with the students and allowed them to tap into the creativity that they never knew they had. He gave them the confidence in themselves to write […]

‘On The Battlefield’ by Sean Ward

2nd year students have recently been studying a module on war poetry. At the end of that module they were encouraged to write their own war poems. Some students have produced excellent pieces of work. A range of them will be published here over the next few weeks. Here is Sean Ward’s poem: On The […]

Sonnets, Shakespeare and Iambic Pentameter

While studying the poetry of Shakespeare, we are becoming familiar with the sonnet form. At the moment we are focussing on one of the most famous love poems of all time: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 often referred to by its first line, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” It is a beautiful poem written […]

More poems by 1A1

Nero – a Limerick by Oran The Roman Emperor Nero Wished to be known as a hero But you don’t save a town By burning it down So Nero as hero got zero!   Football acrostic by Calum Football fanatic Over the fence and under the security guard On my way to the stand Team […]

More original poetry by 1A1

As well as The Year in Rap, 1A1 have been busy writing limericks, acrostics, kennings, haikus and even magic spells! Here are just a few examples. More will follow in the next couple of nights. Acrostic by Sami Monday’s the worst, On Tuesday it’s not too bad, Ringing everyday, my alarm, Never enjoy getting up […]

The Year in Rap – by 1A1

1A1 have been working very hard over the last couple of weeks writing raps about global news events. This work is inspired by who write The Week in Rap each week and also write raps based on other areas of the curriculum. (5A2 really enjoyed the ‘Macbeth’ Rap!). The task given to 1A1 was […]