‘Space Oddity’ by David Bowie

The opening of Via’s section of ‘Wonder’ has a quote from David Bowie’s song ‘Space Oddity’. This song ties in nicely with the ‘Star Wars’ motif that we have seen in Auggie’s own section. The line that is referenced is ‘Far above the world, Planet Earth is blue, And there’s nothing I can do’. Why […]

‘Wonder’ by Natalie Merchant

There are many songs referenced throughout RJ Palacio’s novel ‘Wonder’ – the first of these shares its name. This beautiful song by Natalie Merchant has some powerful and moving lyrics. Comment below on what it means to be a ‘wonder of God’s own creation’.

‘Wonder’ by RJ Palacio

As we are about to start into ‘Wonder’, it might be worthwhile looking at this interview with the author, RJ Palacio. It will give you some insight into why she wrote the book and what kind of response she has had to it. When you have watched this interview, write a comment below explaining the […]