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Past exam questions on Dickinson

2014 ‘The dramatic aspects of Dickinson’s poetry can both disturb and delight readers.’ To what extent do you agree or disagree with the above statement? Support your answer with reference to both the themes and language found in the poetry of Emily Dickinson on your course. 2011 ‘Emily Dickinson’s original approach to poetry results in […]

Vocabulary Vault: More Treasure

Read, read, read. There is no better way to improve your store of vocabulary. You can also improve by checking out what is revealed on the blog here. This week there is a different challenge. Below is a list of three sentences, each with a word or two missing. A selection of words is provided […]

Vocabulary Vault: Gem 1

It’s the first day when gems and treasures will be released right here (on the Blog) from the boundless Vocabulary Vault. Keep reading all around you to raise your standard and to facilitate your access to and interaction with words. Today we’ll start with a word root. You will see a word root here and […]

Poetry Aloud 2014

It’s time to start memorising and practising the effective recital of poetry. Here are the details of what’s required if you wish to enter this worthy and rewarding competition: Two poems to be spoken by each student – one chosen by student from the prescribed anthologies and one poem prescribed for their category. Anthologies: The […]