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Past exam questions on Kavanagh

In your opinion, is Kavanagh successful in achieving his desire to transform the ordinary world into something extraordinary?
Support your answer with suitable reference to the poems on your course.


Imagine you were asked to select one or more of Patrick Kavanagh’s poems from your course for inclusion in a short anthology entitled ‘The Essential Kavanagh’.
Give reasons for your choice, quoting from or referring to the poem or poems you have chosen.


Other exam-style questions:

‘The loneliness and isolation of the individual are the themes which dominate Kavanagh’s poetry.’
Discuss this statement in relation to the poems by Patrick Kavanagh on your course.


‘The relationship between place and person is central to the poetry of Patrick Kavanagh.’
Discuss this view of Kavanagh’s poetry referring to the poems studied by you.


How effective is Kavanagh’s portrayal of Irish rural society in your opinion?
Refer to the poems by Kavanagh on your Leaving Certificate course.


‘Kavanagh’s poetry is pervaded by a deep sense of loss.’
Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support the points you make with reference to the poems by Kavanagh studied by you.