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Six word stories

Ernest Hemingway, the famous novelist, was given a challenge to write a story in just six words. The result was:

‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn.’

Some of our first year students have tried their hand at writing their own six word stories. Here are some of the results:

Seven days of Easter made Ireland.
Fearghal Twomey

We lost friends; we won wars.
Ewan Costigan

I wish I could run faster!
Martin Idowu

Run and save your good life!
Gabriel Restegui

History – a thing of the past.
Evan Logue

Once a soldier; now a fighter.
Peter Coscoran

And then he pulled the trigger . . .
Alannah Ward

Mam! Dad! Will I make it?
Martin Idowu

False start: too fast to win.
Evan Logue

No more trees; no more money.
Joshua Gallistru-Slevin

Relationship status changed: ‘married’ to ‘divorced’.
Danila Bogdanov

Sold your soul for the fame.
Martin Idowu