King Lear Challenge November 2014

Well done to all 5th Year students who took part in the King Lear Challenge on Wednesday 5th November. It was a most enjoyable occasion and the participants performed to an excellent standard. The fifth and third year audience members were highly impressed by the expression and dramatic skills of the ‘actors’. All participants were winners. There were two extremely engaging groups performances: Aaliyah and Britney with their interpretation of Goneril and Regan’s plotting against Lear, and Stephen, Michael, Luke, Jack and Nick’s re-enactment of the mock trial scene. Both groups were excellent. The soliloquies were very ably performed, with two presentations of Edmund’s bastard speech by Aoife and by Junior; two performances of Edgar’s transformation into Tom by Drew and by Simon; and a powerful recital of the Lear’s storm speech by Gavin. This kind of memorisation and personal dramatisation of a moment allows students to become experts in understanding the many facets of Shakespeare’sĀ King Lear. Congratulations to all.

Some of the King Lear Challenge Participants
Some of the King Lear Challenge Participants

King Lear Act 4 Quotes

Have a look at the quotes for Act 4 attached below. Choose one of them or any other important quote from the act and comment on it below.

1. Re-write the quote

2. Put it in context – speaker, what’s going on at that moment

3. Explain the quote

4. Outline its significance in the scene and in the entire play – imagery, theme, character, plot development etc.

5. Give your own personal response to the significance of the quote – the impact it has made on you.

Don’t forget to read the comments of your classmates. Good luck and enjoy.

Act 4 Quotes