‘Wonder’ by Natalie Merchant

There are many songs referenced throughout RJ Palacio’s novel ‘Wonder’ – the first of these shares its name. This beautiful song by Natalie Merchant has some powerful and moving lyrics.

Comment below on what it means to be a ‘wonder of God’s own creation’.

18 thoughts on “‘Wonder’ by Natalie Merchant”

  1. The meaning of gods own creation is that u urself are unique to other people around u and not to be ashamed of that

  2. To be one of God’s wonders is to be unique and to be true to yourself. It’s about not following a crowd and being an individual.Not ditching anything, like your friends,your interests, your sports just to be cool.

  3. The line in this song says ‘a wonder of God’s own creation’ meaning that the person or a person is a mystery to God’s creation. Someone could be very talented in something or even everything and people could say ‘she/he is a wonder of God’s own creation’ because not everyone is as good as them and also people might say it because it is rare that people are really good at everything so they could say it because they’ve never seen something like it before.

  4. The meaning of gods own creation is that you yourself is unique to other people around you and not to be ashamed of that

  5. This means that everything is made of the same things and by the same God but it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside it’s what is in the inside that counts and how people act

  6. I think that the expression “a wonder of Gods own creation” means that that
    each one of us is a wonder created by God.
    We are all unique and have so many special gifts. We marvel at some people for being extra special wonders created by God such as Joanne O,Riordan from Cork who despite having no limbs is so happy, positive and humorous. Everybody is a wonder of Gods own creation.

  7. I think it means everyone is wonderful no matter what they look like as long as they are wonderful on the inside

  8. “A wonder of gods own creation” means to be different in your own way. Some people may look different or act different to everybody else but this just simply means that they are unique. Not everybody is the same. For example ‘auggie’ from the book ‘Wonder’ looks different to everybody else so he is a wonder of gods own creation.

  9. To be a ‘wonder of God’s creation’ doesnt make us different from everyone else. We are all unique, talented, special, and gifted in our own way. Others should respect you for you.

  10. “Don’t judge a book bye its cover” this means try something out before you assume
    it will not be good when it might turn out great

  11. I think that the phrase “wonder of God’s own creation” means that we are all
    special and unique, gifted and talented and special but some of us might stand out in a different way.That doesn’t make them any less special or any less gifted or talented than anyone else. We might wonder why they are so different but they are still one of Gods creations like everyone. In Wonder August is “a wonder” to everyone but he is still unique talented and one of God’s own creation.

  12. Being “A wonder of God’s own creation” means the you are made the way God wanted you to be and that everyone is unique

  13. To be ” A wonder of God’s own creation ” is to be unique and different to everyone else . When someone like this is born people wonder why.

  14. I think this means that everyone is a unique creation.God made you perfect no matter what you or other people think. You have to be able to hold your head high and be proud of who you are,because God made you that way.

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