King Lear Act 2 Quotes

Great work done by Saula and Gabriele. Thank you for putting the Act 2 quotes together.

Again 5th years, now you must read the quotes and choose one or part of one that has made an impact on you. rewrite the quote in the comment section, give details of the context and significance and add your own thoughts, opinion, reflections. Act 3 should be up before the end of the day.

Act 2 Quotes

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  1. Edgar: That’s something yet! Edgar I nothing am.
    Edgar is saying that his life as Edgar, son of the Earl of Gloucester is gone and is worthless and at least that if he was a mad beggar he would have something

  2. “Loyal and natural boy, I’ll work the means to make thee capable.”- Gloucester.

    This quote had an impact on me because it shows how Gloucester is now convinced that Edmund is truly the only son that is loyal to him and that Edgar is now going to pay the consequences for apparently “no longer caring about his father”. The quote now shows that Edmund is successfully manipulating the people around him.

  3. I gave you all

    Lear> Regan

    Lear has finally realised that both Regan and Goneril were two no good daughters of his. In this part he has been reduced to nothing and the truth has dawned that his daughters were only using him for the land and power and that he has mistakably disowned Cordelia who was the one who truly loved him.

  4. “Infect her beauty, you fen-suck’d fogs” – Lear to Regan, about her sister Goneril.
    Following Goneril’s failure to stick to her obligation, betraying Lear by halving his train of 100 knights over night, Lear erupts into a fit of rage whilst talking to Regan. Outraged by the devious actions of his daughter, Lear cascades into a verbal storm of insults, cursing his daughter’s betrayal-ridden actions, wishing the worst upon her, her young, and her beauty.
    I am fond of this quote as it depicts Lear at the height of his rage, lashing out verbally at the traitorous Goneril in a mighty list of unsightly insults. The anger with which Lear delivers these outrageous lines really draws me into this quote as well as the similar set of insults surrounding it.

  5. Loyal and natural boy, I’ll work the means
    To make thee capable
    This is a very important quote from Gloucester. It signifies the the complete revolution of Gloucester’s love for his son. In the beginning of the play Edmund was ‘illegitimate’ now he is ‘natural’. It also signifies that Gloucester has lost all hope in his other son Edgar due to Edmunds manipulations . Gloucester will now try and give everything to Edmund. From this point on until the truth is revealed Edgar is lost to Gloucester as he thinks he is a villain.

  6. Lear:
    ”O, how this mother swells up toward my heart!
    Hysterica passio! Down thou climbing sorrow! Thy element’s below!”

    Lear is going hysterical, he is overcome with grief and sorrow after his children have disrespected him. He finally realises that his daughters’ declarations of love were false and insincere. Lear is reduced to a helpless old man. Only at this moment he is confronted with the truth that power and wealth were the only interests of Goneril and Regan. Further suffering awaits Lear on his journey to self-discovery.

  7. “Sir, tis my occupation to be plain. I have seen better faces in my time.”

    Speaker- Kent to Cornwall, Oswald and Gloucester(everyone present)
    When- Kent is in disguised as Lears servant and messenger. When Oswald and kent arrive at Gloucesters castle, he insults him. Then he draws his sword and challenges him to a duel.

    This quote is important and it shows Kents rash and aggressive behaviour. It signifies his lack of respect for others and reflects Lears outbursts towards Cordelia. It is obvious he does not have a mind of his own and will do anything to protect the king. In this quote, he is insulting the company in general and his vigorous actions, although rash, show his profound loyalty to the king.

  8. “I am sorry for thee, friend”

    Gloucester > Kent

    This quote is significant because Kent is placed in the stocks at the hands of Cornwall and Regan. Gloucester points out that Lear will regard any humiliation inflicted on Kent as a personal insult. But him knowing this, he cant do anything to help Kent he doesn’t have enough courage to stand up to Cornwall. Gloucester is unable to influence the events in favor of Kent or Lear.

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