What would you banish to Room 101?

Write a persuasive paragraph, describing to your reader what you would banish to Room 101.

Devote some time to careful consideration since what goes in cannot come back out!

In order to be as persuasive as possible, you may consider using devices such as metaphors and similes, repetition, clusters of three, emotive language and so on.

4 thoughts on “What would you banish to Room 101?”

  1. One thing I would like to see banished to Room 101 would be drugs. You can tell this is an easy choice that requires very little thought. Drugs are harmful, addictive and disgusting substances.They have the power to put someone’s health at jeopardy or even cause death.The addiction itself can nearly be the most harmful part because this puts the general public at risk; this daily addiction has to be fed and results in wreckless crimes to fufil this harmful addiction.I think it’s save to say I’m not the only one who would banish drugs, would you agree?

  2. One thing I would banish to Room 101 forever would be slugs. I chose slugs because in my opinion they serve no purpose other than to feed other animals such as hedgehogs. Other than that slugs are slimy, disgusting and spiteful creatures. They are truly the scum of the earth. I doubt anyone can disagree. Do you?

  3. The one thing that I would put into Room 101 is money. Think about all the bad thing in like it all come back to money. Why are people poor? Because by corruption which is fuel by money. I know that getting rid of money is not going to happen but money has caused every country to be split into upper class and lower class. I believe that the worst thing that was ever made was money and that why I would put it into Room 101.

  4. The ‘thing’ that I’ve selected for Room 101 is vegans. I’ve pondered the thought of the world and universe as we know it and I’ve reached the conclusion that vegans are the most awful ‘things’ to exist. I can’t even begin to imagine the utopia our world would be without snooty, self-centered, and generally dreadful vegans. I may sound rude when I say this but vegans are the most stuck-up ‘things’ on the face of this planet. They rebel against human nature but still feel wonderful. They take pills to keep them alive. If they are dying due to the lack of correct nutrition they should just eat animal produce should they not? Vegetarians are fine by me but I cannot stand vegans.
    Just set yourself in a nice fancy restaurant when suddenly your meal is ruined by the rudeness and odor of a vegan complaining about lack of compatibility of the menu in the steakhouse. Personally I believe they should be eradicated and after hearing my view and considering yourselves you surely agree.

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