Some quotes from ‘Sive’ Act 2 Scene 1

These are quotes that you should learn from Act 2 Scene 1 of ‘Sive’.

‘Things about Sive, and how he will warm her before she is much older. A lot of other things, too, but most of it not fit to mention again.’
Liam to Mena and Mike, telling them what Seán Dóta has been saying

‘In the honour of God, I beseech you to forget about violence. I tell you I want no trouble. If I have upset ye, I’m sorry, but surely to God ye must think of this terrible auction. Ye must know that a day will dawn for all of us when an account must be given. Do not think of me. I promise I will leave these parts till Sive is a woman. I swear that on my dead mother. But do not give her to that rotting old man with his gloating eyes and trembling hands.’
Liam to Mena and Mike

‘He came wishing you joy. You’d never think he would. He wished you joy and plenty on your wedding day.’
Mena lying to Sive about Liam’s visit

‘With an oul’ devil in the corner screechin’ at me the length of the day and a dirty brat of an orphan bawling in the corner.’
Mena describing to Liam the early years of their marriage

‘I mean that hungry sow that sleeps with you. I mean that pauperised wretch you call a wife.’
Nanna to Mike about Mena

‘Are you trying to drive nails into me? What am I to do? Do you want to have she be like her poor mother? Don’t you know that Scuab has an eye for her?’
Mike trying to justify himself to Nanna

‘There is a sweet thing to their love.’
Nanna to Mike about Sive and Liam

‘How can I go aisy when my own grandchild is for sale like an animal?’
Nanna to Mike