Shakespearean Insults

If anyone is still searching for a reason to love Shakespeare then search no more! You may love him for his captivating plot-lines, his universal themes, his bitter and twisted villains or his inspiring heroes.

Or you may love him for his insults.

This short video by TEDed takes examples from both ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and describes some of the insults used in these plays. It tells us how these insults united both the upper class and the lower class contemporaries of Shakespeare and are still loved today:

When you have finished watching this video then go to the website below. It will give you a different insult everytime!

What are we reading in April?

The 5th year students were very impressed by their visit last term from past pupil Gavin McLoughlin. Gavin’s talk about writing and journalism was thought-provoking and inspiring. All 5th year students were impressed by his passion and knowledge on many different subjects.

Everyone was particularly impressed by the discussion around Lance Armstrong and the use of drugs within professional sport and so this is the inspiration for April’s book of the month. Gavin said that one of the most inspiring books he had ever read was ‘Rough Ride’ by Paul Kimmage and so that is the book that we are choosing for this month.

This book is powerful and honest, describing Paul’s own heartbreak at the fact that professional cycling was not what it seemed to be. As an amateur Paul represented Ireland and finished sixth in the world championships. But when he turned professional in 1986 he was hit by the reality of defeats, exhaustion, drugs and disillusionment. It is the story of boyhood dreams that are dashed, and according to Gavin, is a must-read!

‘Rough Ride’ by Paul Kimmage