Some important quotes from ‘Sive’ Act 1 Scene 2

As we progress through the play, it is important to keep up to date with learning quotes. They are, of course, essential in an exam answer. Here are some quotes that are worthwhile learning from Act 1 Scene 2.

‘The heat don’t agree with him. He would sooner a cold corner out of the way.’
Thomasheen about Seán Dóta

‘I have nothing against the poets, mind you, but they are filled with roguery and they have the bad tongue on top of it, the thieves. Oh, the scoundrels.’
Seán Dóta to Mike

‘She’s a gift for obliging. [Her voice is all praise.] She would turn on her heel from whatever she is at, to be of help.’
Mena to the household

‘But think of the dark, girl, and the phuca, the mad, red eyes of him like coals of a fire lighting in his head. There is no telling what you would meet on a black road. There’s a mad moon in the sky tonight with the stars out of their minds screeching and roaring at one another.’
Thomasheen to Sive

‘The seed is sown; the flower will blossom.’
Thomasheen to Mike and Mena as Sive and Seán leave the house

‘The money is a great temptation but there is wrong in it from head to heel. Sive is young, with a brain by her. She will be dreaming about love with a young man. ‘Tis the way young girls do be!’
Mike to Mena and Thomasheen

‘Will you listen to him! Love! In the name of God, what do the likes of us know about love?’
Thomasheen to Mike

‘You’ll have him coming into the house proposin’ next! And it might interest you to know that she has been seen on at least one occasion, ducking out of here to meet Scuab after ye were gone to bed.’
Thomasheen to Mike and Mena about Liam and Sive’s relationship

‘But there’s one easy way to stop that sort of thing and that is to move Sive into the west room where I can keep my eye on her and her only means of coming and going will be through our bedroom.’
Mena to Thomasheen and Mike

‘We must cut out every chance of their meeting. Scuab can still meet her and she comin’ and goin’ to school, so she must finish with her schoolin’.’
Thomasheen to Mena and Mike

‘You’d swear, to hear you talk, that we were all rogues and thieves. What are we trying to do only make and honest shilling. ‘Tisn’t going around stealing the dead out of their graves we are. ‘Twould be a black day for us if we robbed a widow or stole a poor-box from the chapel. Isn’t it only bringing two people together in wedlock we are?’
Thomasheen to Mike

‘She will be alright. What can harm her? I have no heart somehow for looking her in the face.’
Mike to Mena

[In disgust and fright.] ‘He was on the road with me. When we passed by the cumar near Dónal’s he made a drive at me! He nearly tore the coat off me. I ran into Dónal’s kitchen but he made no attempt to follow. Oh, the way he laughs [in disgust], like an ould sick thing. What is the meaning of it all, Gran?’
Sive to Nanna

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