Past exam questions on Hopkins

‘There are many reasons why the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins appeals to his readers.’
In response to the above statement, write an essay on poetry of Hopkins. Your essay should focus clearly on the reasons why the poetry is appealing and should refer to the poetry on your course.

‘Hopkins conveys deep personal experience in a style which is both refreshing and dramatic.’
Discuss this statement in its entirety, supporting your answer by reference to the poems by Hopkins on your course.

Folens Sample 2
‘The poems of Hopkins alternate between gladness and dejection.’
To what extent would you agree with this assessment of the poems of Hopkins studied by you? Support your points by suitable quotation.

Folens Sample 4
‘Hopkins uses an odd, startling approach in the exploration of his themes.’
Discuss the poetry of Hopkins with regard to the above statement.

You have been asked to create an anthology of poetry. What poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins would you include? Give reasons for your answer.

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