6th year ‘Macbeth’ essay

6th years,

You are currently planning and preparing an essay on ‘Macbeth’. Here is a reminder of that essay:
Discuss the view that Lady Macbeth has more in common with the Witches than with Lady Macduff. Support your answer with suitable reference or quotation.

As part of your planning you should:
~Give one A4 page to Lady Macbeth, one to the Witches and one to Lady Macduff
~On each page start by writing down a list of adjectives to describe that character and add information you know about them
~Continue on each page with all the quotation you know for each character (use your book at this stage to ensure their accuracy)

You will then need to decide for yourself where you stand in relation to the question you have been asked – do you agree or disagree with the premise that has been presented to you?

This will give you the start of an excellent essay – remember that there will be a timed test this Friday 7th September.

Films on the Leaving Certificate course

Students sitting the Leaving Cert in June 2013 have the option of studying one of the following films:

‘As You Like It’ (Kenneth Brannagh)
‘Children of Men’ (Alfonso Cuarón)
‘Casablanca’ (Michael Curtiz)
‘The Constant Gardener’ (Fernando Meirelles)
‘I’m Not Scared’ (Gabriele Salvatores)
’32A’ (Marian Quinn)

Students sitting the Leaving Cert in June 2014 may choose one of these:

‘Garage’ (Lenny Abrahamson)
‘Much Ado About Nothing’ (Kenneth Brannagh)
‘Children of Men’ (Alfonso Cuarón)
‘Casablanca’ (Michael Curtiz)
‘I’m Not Scared’ (Gabriele Salvatores)
‘Bladerunner’ (Ridley Scott)

Have you seen any of these movies? What is your opinion of them?