1A1 Debate

1A1 – it’s time to get some ideas together for the next class debate. Here is the motion:

‘That science fiction movies and books are a complete waste of time.’

What are your ideas and opinions on the topic?

13 thoughts on “1A1 Debate”

  1. I think some science books and movies are a waste of time but they all are not a waste. Personally I do not like them. So I half agree on the motion.

  2. I think that certain people like science fiction movies, but I think that they are not interesting because everything in them is unbelievable.
    However, there’s a line between something being fake and stupidly unbelievable for example the movie ‘Avatar’ had a very high budget and so had great special effects. But other low-budget movies are just not as easy to believe.

  3. I think that science fiction movies are good to look at because they cause enjoyment and a lot of people like science fiction. People like to imagine a new world or even some people watch science fiction movies to just get an idea of another alien race. I am against the motion that science fiction movies are a waste of time.

  4. I think that books are a complete waste of time because you have to imagine what is happening. But I think that the movie is way better because you can see what is happening for yourself rather than having to imagine it for yourself.

  5. I think they are a waste of time, but I like some science fiction comedy movies eg. ‘Paul’ or ‘Shaun Of The Dead’. Books are different because if they are not written well then it is hard to imagine what is going on. Science fiction is a lot more enjoyable to watch rather than read. Some people prefer reading to watching but definitely not me. If I was to read the movie ‘Paul’ as a book, I would probably hate it, but I liked ‘Paul’ as a movie.

  6. I am against the motion because some people find them enjoyable. If you enjoy doing something it isn’t a waste of time. Sometimes they can be exciting and full of action. However some of them are …boring.

  7. I am against the motion. I think that the stories are enjoyable and the movies make a lot of money.There are many great science fiction movies such as ‘E.T.’, ‘Scott Pilgrim’, ‘Spider Man’, ‘The Avengers’ and many others. Saying they’re a waste of time is destroying the imagination of young people.

  8. I am against the motion that all science fiction movies are a waste of time as some people enjoy them and if they are directed/written/acted well then they can be good movies. For example ‘Avatar’ was a great success so was ‘Paul’. I didn’t enjoy Paul as it was a bit too unbelievable. I still don’t think they should be classed as a waste of time just because some of them are awful.

  9. I think some science fiction books and movies are a waste of time but they are not all a waste. Personally I do not like some of them. I do not like some of them because I do not find them every interesting. For example ‘Avatar’ and ‘ET’. But I like ‘Sean of the Dead’ and ‘Paul’ because they are also very funny. So that is why I think some of them are a waste of time and some are not.

  10. Not all sci-fi movies are a waste of time, think about the classics like ‘Star Wars’, ‘Avatar’ and ‘The Thing’.

  11. I am against motion that “Science fiction movies are a complete waste of time”. I think this because science fiction movies can be the highest grossing movies of all time. In the past this has been demonstrated by movies like “E.T” and “Avatar”. In 2010,”Avatar” was released and was one of the most popular films of modern times and was the reason why 3D movies became popular all over the world. But for science fiction movies to become popular they need to be produced extremely well. In “Avatar”, Steven Speilberg directed the film and that was one of the reasons it was brilliant. But there lot of science fiction movies that weren’t as succssful like “Warning From Space” in 2011.

  12. I think that science fiction, while not being wholly beneficial and occasionally unrealistic, can occasionally inspire real inventions and human achievement. Take for example science fiction in the 1800s. The novel ‘Frankenstein’ written by Mary Shelley can be claimed as the inspiration of the development of cloning technology in the late 20th and 21st century. My point is science fiction helps innovation of technology as it gives inventors broader imaginations.

  13. I don’t think all science fiction movies are great because some are so unrealistic, such as ‘Cowboys and Aliens’. This movie is terrible but ‘Predator’ is very good so it’s equal.

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