‘Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry’

So far, in ‘Roll of Thunder’ we have met some interesting characters and read about some shocking incidents. Over the next couple of days, I would like you to write a comment about who is your favourite character and explain why. I would also like you to describe an incident in the story that you find particularly horrifying / shocking / upsetting or that has made you feel any other emotion. Remember to comment on what other students have written – you may agree or disagree with someone else’s opinion. Remember that our goal here is to share our learning.

I look forward to reading your comments!

Mrs. Meighan

12 thoughts on “‘Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry’”

  1. My favourite character in the book is Little Man because he is so different from the other children as he very neat and tidy. One incident in the story that was very shocking was when the Berrys were burnt alive because one of them was accused of flirting with a white woman.

  2. My favourite character in the book so far is Christopher-John , mainly because he is quiet and likes to stay away from any trouble. He did not hold any grudge against the bus when the bus would splash them. He would be angry but still not like the others. The bus incident was just one of the terrible, even shocking hardships that black people were put through . But still Christopher-John was not put down by the encounter and put a brave face on through the whole thing.

  3. Good choices Adam and Sean!
    I hope the rest of the class has the opportunity to contribute during the week and even over the mid-term.

  4. My favourite character is TJ. I think he is sneaky,relaxed and doesn’t care about anything. He is always in trouble but he never gets the blame. For these reasons I think he is a good idea for a character, and that is why he is my favourite character.

  5. My favourite character in the book so far is Stacey, mainly because he is the eldest and most dominant and likes to be in the middle of everything. He came up with the bus plan which was to make the bus crash into a man made gully for payback from the numerous times they splashed them. One incident in the story that was very shocking was when the Berrys house was burnt down with Mr Berry and his two nephews in the house because one of them was accused of flirting with a white woman.

  6. My favourite character is Stacey because I think he is the only one of the children that stands up for himself. I thought was good that he took the blame for the cheat notes. I think he is also the most mature out of all the kids. He is not a very loud character and he stands up for his opinions.

  7. My favourite character so far is Stacey. He has to be the man of the house and acts every bit like one. He always leads the pack usually out of trouble but sometimes he is also a schemer. (For example the bus incident…)
    But mostly he would rise above the occasion.

  8. My favourite character is Little Man because he likes to present himself well and it is funny when he goes mad after the bus splashes him. I think that it was very funny when he jumped into the ditch and he was very annoyed when he got out all covered in muck. He was very very excited when he heard that the bus wouldn’t be splashing them again for a long time.

  9. My favourite character so far is Mr Morrison because he’s very helpful and sends the kids on guilt trips into confessing to bad thing that they have done. He’s a creative style of character and that’s why he’s my favourite person.

  10. My favourite character so far is Christopher John because even when he is being badly discriminated against, such as when the bus splashes him, he still tries to get along with his own business and to stay out of trouble. My favourite part of the story so far was the incident with the school books because even though it seemed very unimportant to the story, the example of racism in the book was the first of many to come afterwards.

  11. It is really great to see all of your wonderful comments. Keep them coming, especially if you haven’t commented already.
    I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book with you after the mid-term break!

  12. My favourite character in the book so far is Stacey because he is not afraid to stand up for himself. Another reason is that he is not afraid of getting in trouble and is involved in most things. He is also the most grownup out of the children and he was the one that came up with the bus incident. A scene out of the book I thought was shocking was when the Berrys where burnt alive.

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