Some common abstract nouns

Some positve abstract nouns:

happiness, amusement, beauty, joy, faith, hope, success, pleasure, peace, wonder, love, wisdom, sanity, mirth, affection, courage, music, patience, tolerance, justice, freedom, liberty, equality, dream, laughter, ambition, companionship, truth . . .

Some negative abstract nouns:

pain, disease, agony, misery, suffering, fear, sorrow, terror, hate, worry, anxiety, despair, grief, shortcoming, bitterness, envy, spite, jealousy, ugliness, adversity, thirst, frustration, anger, loathing, hatred, evil, nightmare . . .

Are there any more?

Some common collective nouns

a herd of cows

a herd of elephants

a herd of deer

a flock of sheep

a flock of birds

an army of soldiers

a regiment of soldiers

a hive of bees

a swarm of bees

a host of locusts

a collection of stamps

a throng of merrymakers

a gaggle of geese

a shoal of fish

a band of robbers

a pride of lions

a library of books

a brood of chicks

a crew of sailors

a constellation of stars

a pack of wolves

a pack of cards

a batch of loaves

a flight of stairs

a flight of finches

a fleet of ships

a fleet of cars

a crowd of people

an exaltation of larks

a school of whales

a mass of people

a bunch of grapes

a bunch of flowers

a colony of ants

a team of players

a gang of thieves

a gang of workmen

a litter of kittens

a litter of puppies

a tribe of monkeys

a tribe of people

Are there any more?