General Vision and Viewpoint

Here are some questions to ask yourself while revising General Vision and Viewpoint. Make notes on each of our three texts as you are looking at each question.


Is the text optimistic or pessimistic?

Is the text compassionate or dispassionate?

Does the text support or condemn certain actions / values / characters? What is its moral stance?

Is the text timebound or does it have relevance today?

What is your attitude to the characters and the dilemmas they face?

What vision of family life is embodied in the text?

What is the nature of the key relationships in the text?

How would you describe the treatment of women in the text?

What is the religious vision of the text? (Christian? Religious vision absent?)

Is its vision of life tragic or hopeful?

What is the vision of human nature in the text?

Is the author’s presentation of society positive or negative?

Is the author’s presentation of society accurate?

What serious or philosphical questions about life and morality are examined by the author?

What life experiences does the protagonist endure which help or hinder his development as a person?

What is your personal response to the general vision and viewpoint of the text?

Remember to incorporate quality linking sentences into your notes. Practice makes perfect!!