The Year in Rap – by 1A1

1A1 have been working very hard over the last couple of weeks writing raps about global news events. This work is inspired by who write The Week in Rap each week and also write raps based on other areas of the curriculum. (5A2 really enjoyed the ‘Macbeth’ Rap!).

The task given to 1A1 was to write a rap of between 16 and 20 lines on news events, both global and Irish, that happened during 2011. Here is the finished product:

Group 1 – Sami, David, Sean F., Colm and Azad:

Steve Jobs is in the sky,

Oh how it makes me cry.

Gary Speed is dead,

Gadaffi was shot in the head.

We’ve got no money,

It’s seriously not funny.

Slovakia were denied

As Ireland qualified

For next year’s competition,

We’re a new addition.

The London riots were a shock,

People runnin’ round stealing things from the block.

Mary McAleese has left the Park,

Now Michael D. will brighten the dark!


Group 2 – Oisín, Robbie, Jack and Conor O:

What happened in 2011

While people looked down from heaven?

In Libya war causes people to sadden

Then comes the death of Osama Bin Laden:

That’s the end of the Taliban race,

Then Gadaffi gets shot in the face.

Angry Londoners raid and break

Then a tsunami in Japan, for god’s sake!

In Oslo people were shot –

Thank God the guy was caught!

The weird thing is that the police never came –

They could’ve saved more people – what a shame!


Group 3 – Steven, Calum and Conor Mc:

US troops retreat from Iraq

While they have Bin Laden under attack.

In 2011 came the iPhone 4S,

That brought even more success.

Then came the death of Steve Jobs.

And what’s with all those flash mobs?

Everyone knows what happened in Japan,

And about the riots in Londan.

So ‘Modern Warfare 3’ is brand new –

But everyone says it’s like number 2!

Obama, the US president,

Came to Ireland as a resident.

Then the Irish team reached the Euro tournament –

That  gave the Irish fans a lot of encouragement!

Now the year 2011 is coming to an end,

And the year 2012 is just around the bend!


Group 4 – Oran, Sean W., Adam, Daniel

It all started with a tsunami in Japan –

Many people ran;

A nuclear reactor was almost blown,

And many people lost their homes;

Tectonic plates colliding,

Caused people and places to go sliding.

Bin Laden finally came out of his cave,

Navy seals killed him with the intention to save;

For those poor people he was shot in the head,

But he wasn’t buried – was thrown in the sea instead!

In the summer London riots made it to fame,

And under-education and Facebook took the blame;

Shops were ransacked, cars on fire,

For the police, the situation was dire!

The Irish lads are no longer bad,

They’re in Euro ’12 against Spain (that’s bad!);

Torres is no match for Keane,

They’re sailing off to Poland – living the dream!


Well done lads!! Some great work here!!



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  1. What great fun I had reading those clever and suitably rhyming raps. I would love to hear them as I’m probably not doing them justice with the beat I’ve created in my won head. Well done 1A1!!

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