More original poetry by 1A1

As well as The Year in Rap, 1A1 have been busy writing limericks, acrostics, kennings, haikus and even magic spells!

Here are just a few examples. More will follow in the next couple of nights.

Acrostic by Sami

Monday’s the worst,

On Tuesday it’s not too bad,

Ringing everyday, my alarm,

Never enjoy getting up on Wednesday,

I don’t mind Thursdays,

No time to eat on Friday because I

Get up too late.


Football Kenning by David

Wild crowds

Dirty mouths

Very loud

Great sound

Skillful goals

Determined souls

Managers screaming

Stadium heating

Late drama

Sweating like the Sahara!


Spell for Success by Steven

A bit of leather

And an eagle’s feather

A hint of black ink

A bit of dirty water from a sink

A drop of paint

And thoughts of a saint,

A glug of Cadet Coke

A toe of a smart bloke

A piece of clean paper

A hint of water vapour

A big computer RAM

The toenail of a lamb

Einstein’s brain

The computer system of a plane

Drink this for success

The chances of failing will be less!


Pupils of Gormanston Kenning by Seán F

Uncannily cool

Sometimes fool

Cleverly cocky

Lazily stocky

Brilliant school

Crazy pool

Weirdly quiet


A Spell for Taking Over the World by Conor Mc

Head of Obama

Feet of Cantona

Intelligence of Einstein

Power of all-time

Faith of a Holy Man

Powers of Spiderman

Bottle of Lucozade

Jar of Marmalade

Hair of Rooney

Hand of Henri

Snow of Lapland

Pride of Ireland




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