1A1 class debate: ‘That school uniforms should be banned.’

It’s time to get our ideas together for the next class debate. The motion is ‘That this house believes that school uniforms should be banned’.

What do you think? Remember to give reasons for your opinion.

10 thoughts on “1A1 class debate: ‘That school uniforms should be banned.’”

  1. If this was primary school, I would be against the motion. But seeing that we now spend half of the school day IN our own clothes and have to get changed, the idea of school uniforms seems obselete

  2. I think school uniforms should be banned because:

    School uniforms can be annoying. If you dirty them you need to wash them because you can’t have another option. To have another option, you must buy another uniform which costs money. They are uncomfortable to play sports in and in some schools you can’t wear a jacket unless it’s a school jacket. This can also put financial pressure on people. Wearing your own clothes can be much more comfortable. People say school can turn into a fashion competition except in our school, we change clothes after-school anyway. So I hope I’ve made my point clear, that school uniforms should be banned.

  3. Yes,
    I think all school uniforms should be banned for the following reasons,
    They are uncomfortable to play sports (breaks) in.
    Some schools will not allow you to wear a jacket unless it’s the school jacket.
    Financial strain for parents to find the funds to pay for uniforms which can be quite pricey.
    Some schools will not allow ordinary clothes as they are afraid it will start a fashion competition but not in our school as we already change after classes.

  4. No there is no point in banning school uniforms as they represent equality.They also promote the school if you are out and you do something good in uniform. They are also better because there is no pressure to keep up with the current “style”.

  5. I think school uniforms should be banned because they are uncomfortable and are annoying. I don’t like having a tie because it nearly chokes you and is annoying. For being in the complex at break it is uncomfortable. It would be handy not to waste 15 mins changing after school.

  6. I think school uniforms should be banned because they can be costly and are sometimes uncomfortable. It is hard to be seen as an individual when everyone around you is wearing a uniform. That is why I think school uniforms should be banned.

  7. Thank you for the comments so far.
    Comfort certainly seems to be a big issue and probably one that is difficult to argue with!
    However, the issue of expense is definitely one that is good for discussion – would it be more expensive to have to buy more new clothes, possibly ones with brand names? This is worth thinking about!
    It is interesting that Adam mentioned ‘uniformity’ and Conor mentioned ‘equality’ – these are two interesting points and will require further discussion.
    Keep the comments coming! Are there any new points that can be made? 🙂

  8. Some very well expressed arguments put forward here by 1A1 – well done.

    In my opinion, we should treasure our school uniforms – they are part of our identity and give students an additional reason to be proud of their school. Wearing a jumper that has the school crest reminds students and outsiders that we value education and the place where we learn. A uniform allows students to feel more united and contributes to a sense of belonging and community among the students.

    Wearing our own clothes to school could prove a major distraction to some students. The mornings would be filled with stress trying to decide what to wear. In class people may be focussing on someone else’s latest trends. In addition, some students may not know or follow the boundaries of suitable or decent clothing at school.

    Uniforms help to foster discipline in schools and encourage an atmosphere of work. This is what school is all about.

    Students should look forward to wearing their uniforms just as members of an Garda Siochana wear theirs with pride. Wearing unifroms prepares students for how they might present themesleves someday in the world of work.

    1A1 – it doesn’t matter which side of this debate you stand on – what matters is whether you can win the audience over to your side of the motion! Good luck to you all.

  9. I agree with Oisin because when I was in primary school our uniform jumpers were really heavy. But now the Gormanston uniform is really light. It is true that after classes we do get to wear sports gear instead of our uniform so I think uniforms are perfectly fine for classes.

  10. I think school uniforms shouldn’t be banned as it is petty to complain about them as you only wear them for roughly eight hours of the day and the benefits of them are far greater to the minor inconviences

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