Friendship in ‘Inside I’m Dancing’

Answering the following questions will provide you with a comprehensive resource on the theme of friendship in ‘Inside I’m Dancing’ by Damien O’Donnell.

  1. What is Michael’s initial reaction to Rory? What is Rory’s initial reaction to Michael?
  2. In what way are the two characters different?
  3. What do they have in common?
  4. What is the significance of the hair gel scene in our understanding of their relationship?
  5. What is the revelation that cements their relationship in the first part of the film?
  6. There are three key scenes that develop their friendshop in the first part of the film. Write a description of each one:
    • Art class
    • Physical therapy
    • Hair gel scene
  7. The collection / pub scene: what does Rory give Michael that has been absent from his life so far?
  8. Describe what happens regarding the wish for independent living. How is friendship evident here?
  9. Rory tells Siobhan to ‘be careful’ before the fancy dress party. What does he mean by this? Why does he say this?
  10. What does Michael set about doing once he hears about Michael’s impending death? Explain what this tells us about his feelings for Rory.
  11. How has the friendship changed the lives of both Michael and Rory in the course of the film?
  12. Do you think this film represents friendship satisfactorily?